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Sr. Director of UX for Teradata in San Diego

UX RADAR — Research, Architecture, Design, Architecture, Research

What is RADAR?

UX RADAR is a process of wrapping design with architecture & research, including: Formative User
Research, UX & Product Architecture, Design, Architecture Validation, and User Research Testing.

First, what problem is RADAR solving?

Angular 4 virtual scroll, markdown text editor, sticky data table headers, animations & more come to Covalent in 1.0.0-beta.7

tl;dr: Virtual scroll wrapper for any element, Markdown text editor, Data table sticky headers & virtual scroll, Dynamic Form features, Animation utilities, Angular 4.3 & Material Beta 10 support (also, our last beta!)

Github / Docs & Demo / Changelog

Virtual Scroll

We’ve abstracted the virtual scroll to a wrapper component that can be used around any element!

Data Tables take center stage in Covalent 1.0.0-beta.4

tl;dr: Lots of Data Table features, Loader async/boolean support, new Messages component, Pagination jump ahead features, and Angular v4 loading optimization (also Datepicker from Angular-Material beta.5!)

Github / Docs & Demo / Changelog

Important note: To enforce optimized bundle size & lazy loading, the CovalentCoreModule has been removed so you only import what you need (it’s a good thing).

New Data Table Features

The Covalent Data Table is one of the most widely used component in Teradata products so we’re focusing efforts around popular feature requests such as keyboard support for tabbing & selection, hiding columns…

Simple steps to prototype an chat application in Angular Material

Material Design Slack built on Angular v4 with Covalent

What we’re building

Covalent 1.0.0-beta.3 has been released for immediate availability.

The march to Covalent stable continues with the 3rd Beta for Covalent!

tl;dr: ng-conf 2017, Angular v4 compatibility, refactored Autocomplete Chips, refactored Toggle Directives, Ahead-of-Time compilation fixes, RTL & a11y improvements, and bugfixes galore!

Github / Docs & Demo / Changelog / Upgrade / Quickstart

ng-conf 2017

The entire core team of Covalent is here in Salt Lake City this week for the biggest Angular conference of the year! If you see someone rockin’ a Covalent t-shirt make sure you grab them to chat!

Angular v4 compatibility

We are thrilled to announce that Covalent is now…

Our first beta! The Teradata UX team is proud to announce the immediate availability of Covalent 1.0.0-beta.1 to the Angular community!

tl;dr: Massive new Layout features, all-new Navigation Drawer component, completely reworked Syntax Highlighting & Markdown components, improved Loaders, new List & Navigation Drawer design patterns, pre-built themes & inline files for Plunker, updated Sketch template and tons of fixes!

Github / Docs & Demo / Changelog / Upgrade / Quickstart

Covalent truly takes hold at Teradata

As we close the Alpha phase it’s a great time to give an update of the rollout of Covalent at Teradata. What started in AngularJS Material v1 with 2…

Notifications component is here!

With the final release in the alpha series, the Covalent Angular2 Material UI Platform is feature complete!

tl;dr — AOT, Notification menu, Dynamic Forms, Sticky Footers, Dialog updates, Datatable updates, Stepper updates, HTTP updates, Angular 2.4.1 & Angular-Material beta1!

Github / Docs & Demo / Changelog / Upgrade

Announcing: NGX-Charts Partnership!

This simple 5 step process lets you create editable PPT & Keynote shapes from SVGs

Import SVG into PPT & KEY like a boss

It’s 2016.

We’re in the future. The Cubbies won the world series. We have hoverboards (sort of). Nike released the Air Mags. Yet somehow we can’t import and SVG into Powerpoint or Keynote…until now!

Huge data-table updates, search box component, pagination component, new expansion panel & stepper features, full scss theme support, and Angular 2.2 + Angular-Material alpha.10 updates.

Covalent 0.9

Teradata UX is extremely pleased to announce the immediate availability of Covalent 0.9!
Github / Docs & Demo / Changelog

Data-table updates

  • Atomic data table components: td-data-table, td-data-table-column, td-data-table-row & td-data-table-cell elements
  • Table cell template support: ng2 template to customize table cells
  • Search box & pagination component integration: integrate the new search/pagination components into a data-table

Kyle Ledbetter

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