R.A.D.A.R. — UX Design Wrapped with Architecture & Research

UX RADAR — Research, Architecture, Design, Architecture, Research

What is RADAR?

A Designer being swarmed by PM requests
  • Designs were created without the proper research
  • Designers didn’t have import architectural implication knowledge when designing
  • Designs were handed to Engineering without proper Design System adherence and UI Platform compatibility checks
  • Features were implemented without proper customer usability testing and validation and issues weren’t caught until it was too late



Capturing recon & intelligence by observation


Laying down the groundwork & infrastructure


Using the intel for exploration


Patching up the Designer when they need assistance


Conducting tests and studying subjects

Is RADAR some new type of Agile alternative?

UX Artifacts are added to the RADAR Care Package for lineage
RADAR tasks for different features occurring in parallel using Kanban

Credits & Collaborations



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Kyle Ledbetter

VP of Design at Credo AI — Former UX leader for Teradata, eBay, MicroStrategy and Sears Holdings.