UX Review of Train Fitness — the best Automated Weightlifting Tracking app that uses AI & Machine Learning

Train picks up where Apple left off

Enter Train (Fitness)

How does the app work?

It doesn’t get more simple than that

Pick a weight and start moving!

A dial to select a weight to start working out
Using native UI elements is smart
A simple interface that shows a weight and the text “Start Moving” to start a workout
No caption needed :)

Interface Anatomy

An apple watch screenshot showing the interface for submitted a tracked exercise with name, reps, pounds, edit, save, and delete


An apple watch screenshot showing a superset of two exercises, squats and military press

Manual Exercise Entry

An apple watch screenshot showing a tip for a manually recorded exercise

Finishing & Saving a Workout

An apple watch screenshot showing a working save confirmation
An iPhone screenshot of the recorded workout routine with auto-generated title, summary, stats and muscle group highlights
Somehow showing the total weight makes me feel like a super hero

Activity, Stats, and Leaderboards

Screenshots of the stats inside Train, including streaks, monthly view, muscle group focus and more
Look Ma, I didn’t skip legs!

Shortcomings & Usability Issues

Analysing Timeout

An apple watch screenshot showing the train app analyzing an exerice

Last Weight Defaults

An apple watch screenshot showing the same weight default applied to back to back exercises
Use the last weight for Military Press, not for the last exercise (Front Squat)

Where’s the Learning in Train’s Machine Learning?

False Positives

An image of bench press and incline bench press not being equal
These aren’t the same thing

False Negatives

Training & Testing New Exercises

Train Fitness Exercise Demo App

A screenshot of the Train demo app showing new leg exercises like calf raises and smith machine squats
The Train Demo App
Train Demo Weekly Leaderboard and rewards program named “Train & Earn”

UX Rating: 4.5 out of 5

4.5 out of 5 star UX review

There’s small usability issues and room for improvement, but Train Fitness is by far the best auto-tracking weight-lifting workout app on the market.

4.7 rating on the apple app store



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